Kyle Field Tailgate Information


Tailgating on campus at Texas A&M University is a privilege. The University is responsible for determining what areas are set aside for reserved tailgating and which areas are available for “Land Rush.” Due to the growth of the University, these designated areas can change from year to year and the availability of “Land Rush” areas can change on a weekly basis due to the following:

  1. College Game Day
  2. SEC Nation
  3. Parsons Mounted Cavalry
  4. Athletic Teams
  5. Organized Student Groups
  6. Weather
  7. Reserved Tailgates (Contract)

Tailgaters who choose to participate in “Land Rush” may mark a spot that has not been set-aside for one or all of the seven previously listed circumstances. One or more past “Land Rush” locations does not entitle that group preferred preference for future games for that same spot. Unless impacted by game date/time, “Land Rush” will remain first come first serve at noon on the day prior to game day.

Tailgating on campus at Texas A&M University has increased over the last several years and we anticipate that it will continue to grow in the future. Increased participation has led to more concerns for safety and possible damage to University property. Tailgating rules have been put into place to address these concerns and ensure that the game day experience remains friendly, fun, and safe!