Football Shuttle Routes

get to and from the game with ease by using these free options.

On home football gamedays, Transportation Services will offer limited transit service on and off campus. Make sure to check the list below to see what route best fits your needs.

Also you can click this link to see real-time bus locations.

Shuttle Overview

Use this overview map to see which shuttle route best fits your needs. Detailed shuttle information is available through the maps below.

Get to the Grid and Downtown Bryan

Free shuttle bus services -- one from American Momentum Bank Plaza (Copperfield Pkwy and University Drive), the other serving the shopping, restaurant/bar and entertainment area in historic Downtown Bryan. Free shuttle and parking near the Bryan Public Library on Regent Street to the Memorial Student Center. Get to the Grid operates starting 3 1/2 hours pre-game, Downtown Bryan operates starting 3 hours pre-game. Both run throughout the game and 1 1/2 hours post-game.


Free shuttles serving 12th Man lots near Reed Arena, Blue Bell Park, the West Campus Garage and lots on Stotzer Parkway (lots E, G, H, O, P, R, W, Y). Operates 3 hours pre-game, throughout the game and 1 1/2 hours post-game.

Bush Library, Agronomy, Stotzer and Lot 58

Free shuttles from West Campus parking lots. Bush, Agronomy and Stotzer stop at the Memorial Student Center. Lot 58 stops south of Kyle Field. Agronomy, Stotzer and Lot 58 operate 3 hours pre-game through 1 1/2 hours post-game. Bush Library operates 5 hours pregame through 2 hours post-game.

Bonfire and Para Lot

Free shuttles serving lots 47, 50, 51 and 88. The Para Lot bus route is a free shuttle designated for fans who require ADA-paratransit service to Kyle Field and their companions and serves parking lot 88 near the Emerging Technologies Building. Routes operate from 3 hours pre-game, through 1 1/2 hours post-game.

Off-Campus Apartments

Free shuttles serving apartments from bus stops on Throckmorton south of Lewis to stops off University Oaks and Harvey Road (Excel route); Southwest Parkway, Anderson and Brentwood (Rudder route); Southwest Parkway near Wellborn (Elephant Walk route); and stops on Marion Pugh, Jones-Butler and Luther (Hullabaloo route). Check map for stops nearest you. Shuttles operate 2 hours pre-game and 1 1/2 hours postgame but do NOT operate during game.

Bike Parking and Routes

Learn how to get to campus and where to park your bike in an authorized area.