Tailgating Rules


Staking Ground

Tents secured in non-reserved areas may not use stakes that penetrate the ground deeper than 12 inches. This is in compliance with University Policies 21.99.09.M0.01 Tents on Campus and 24.99.99.M0.01 University Utility Locate Procedure.

These procedures were amended in July 2013 to improve visitor safety and minimize damage to underground utilities. (gas, telephone, electricity, irrigation etc.) Initially, these policies called for zero ground penetration without a utility locate and an exception was granted for tailgating activities. Many of our fellow SEC schools have eliminated stakes entirely and even limited tent sizes on campus. Your compliance will reduce the risk of potentially harmful accidents and further staking limitations. Let's work together to maintain the best game day environment in college football!

If your tent cannot be safely secured using stakes that penetrate the ground 12 inches or less, we recommend you contact the manufacturer regarding alternate forms of ballast including sand, concrete blocks or water barrels or use multiple smaller tents. (University water supplies will not be made available.)

There are also “no staking” zones for 2015. The zones are in 3 feet on either side of our natural gas lines. These areas will be clearly marked prior to setup day. You are welcome to use these areas for grills, coolers, surface level tailgating games or anything else. You may even span a tent over the “no staking” zone. We only ask that you do not penetrate the ground with anything inside the zone to minimize the risk of a gas line strike.