Guide to Responsible Tailgating



University Rules permit the use of alcoholic beverages at tailgate parties or picnic activities at NCAA intercollegiate athletic events only on the day of the event and in the general proximity of the event, including outdoor locations or in outdoor parking areas. The use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on the MSC Lawn, Simpson Drill Field (except designated areas), the All Faiths Chapel Grounds, and inside university facilities unless otherwise designated. In accordance with the alcoholic beverage laws of the State of Texas individuals must be at least 21 years old to purchase, possess, or consume alcoholic beverages. The use of alcoholic beverages by members of the Texas A&M University community is at all times subject to the alcoholic beverage laws of the State of Texas.

Most importantly, individuals, groups and organizations holding or participating in tailgate parties are responsible for their own conduct and are expected to respect the rights of others and the entire University community.

Texas A&M students must also adhere to the Texas A&M University Student Rules governing consumption of alcoholic beverages as stated in Appendix VIII: Texas A&M University Alcohol Rules and the Laws That Apply to Student Organizations, On Campus Residents,and Others (Revised: 2006)


Any transactions, monetary or otherwise, and solicitations require approval of the University Concessions Committee. Typically, approvals are not given for tailgating areas on game days. University Rule 21.99.09.M1 – Access to University Property for Sales and Solicitation Purposes

Any and all events that are defined under "solicitation" must obtain permission in advance. This is accomplished with a Texas A&M University Concessions Permit.